Rupert Schroeder  – curriculum vitae


• 1935 Born in Essen, Germany. Lives in Spain and Germany today.
• 1941 War / Relocation to Oberried /  Breisgau (Southern Germany).
• 1945 Various grammar schools and boarding schools.
• 1955 Art School Lünen / Dortmund with class Gustav Deppe.
• 1956 Emigration to Canada, all sorts of occupations at sea and on land.
• 1961 Return to Germany, Hofa. Bad Reichenhall (Bavaria), Christian cruise, Merchant navy 4 years.
• 1966 Married Renate Elisabeth born Mertens, 42 years … great!
Adopted her two daughters Monicque and Iris.
• 1967 Takeover of a large gastronomical company of the city of Düsseldorf.
• 1977 Formation of a gallery for contemporary art in Düsseldorf.
• 1988 Art Recycling or (reversing principle),  activation of art stocks that had been left behind or were out of focus, various dealers. Offered, conveyed and sold to other art dealers by the use of a Spartan sales listing. Together with his partner he founds the ARTAX Art Dealership Düsseldorf.
• 1991 Purchase and Expansion of a historic house in Calaceite / Aragon / Spain.
• 1994 Sale of own shares of the company to my partner under fair conditions. Company still exists today.
• 1995 Edits graphs, films, and multiple other works of renowned artists, supports his wife’s gallery work.
• 2003 Wife falls seriously ill.  Resumption of own colored statements.
• 2006 Discards galleries in Cologne and Mönchengladbach.
• 2007 Passing away of wife.
• 2014 Solo Exhibition, JUAN CABRE Museum Calaceit / Teruel. Catalog.
• 2014/16 Production of 24 carat hand-gilded, half sculpture wooden objets. Painting on 24 carat leaf.